whtdragon (Fan Art Portfolio) Blu- whtdragon's mascot entry

Blu- whtdragon's mascot entry
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After months of silence I have come back to submit art to the mascot challange!

actually if anyone is gonna be to blame for my suddenly submitting anything, blame sage_of_magic for this. She's the one that told me about it

I'm no good with logos. Never really have, but I saw this as an opportunity to stretch those skills a bit and improve. I have no real desire to win, nor do I really want the grand prize (I'd just as soon to hand it off to someone else if I did win) But I do feel guilty for not posting up anything in awhile, and felt like if anything, I should at least post something new for a contest and this one is about as good as they're gonna get to reintroduce myself back into the community. (hi community o-o *waves* I've been here forever just distappeared for awhile)

I'm a bit rusty, but quick as ever in pushing out something when motivation strikes~! The character himself was a bit of an inspired main protagonist in an anime, with some video game hero thrown in. I had never tried making a drawing with this form of shading before, where it looks more cut out, and I always wanted to give it a try.

Is his name Blu? I dunno? Maybe? lol

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