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i have delayed long enough on posting this
Itero Ruzuhio is now much different than my original idea in which he was annoying and rather stupid....
NOW he's a red-blooded sort-of-hot-tempered dangerous 8-sweep old troll. And he's awesome
Strife specubus: Daggerkind
Fetch Modus: keyboard (each key holds a certain item)

Itero and the word "suffering" done in marker, red background done in red oil pastel and my fingers...they still look a little red...

Yeah he has red eyes b/c of his blood pigment and all....I got his sign off the cover of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel: The Alchemyst and made it red. His dagger has a gemstone in the hilt.
Um...Heir of Space
Land of Darkness and Shadows
large, winged, lizard-like lusus(might change)
trolltag: requiemFallen
tendS tO typE witH backwardS capitalizatioN
doesn't use many symbols/punctuation, swears some (mostly tries to refrain from swearing)
types in his blood color
Oh! A little below his knees his pants fade from black to white as is visible a little at the bottom of the pic, he wears black shoes
(I know his skin looks a little blue, I'm just trying out my new markers)

Homestuck Fan Art
blood, dagger, fanTroll, Itero, lowblood, OC, red, suffering
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