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Berry and Maple
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I was bored okay xD

Yesterday when I was at the mall, I was bored, and saw this little toy vendy-machine thingy where normally you get gum. Well I saw a one that had these little toys in em, and they looked cute. So I had two quarters and it only required one. I got a Rabbit that I gave my friend, and I kept the beaver.

Well I named the beaver Maple, and she's the little cute girl in the doodle. She's got Chocolate brown eyes, semi-dark brown hair, light brown dress with white thigh highs.

Then I went to Fred's with my sister and friend, and I saw another vendy-machine thingy and it had these little string dangly doll things, and they looked very cute! This one asked for 75 cents! But, my little purple bunny was worth it <3

So I named my purple bunny Berry, he's the dude in the doodle.
He's got fully black eyes(Purple eyelashes), black hair, purple/black shirt, and purple/black pants. He's got a messed up ear that never goes up ;w;

So yeah, those are my two new babies >w<
Maple is shorter then Berry. Also, if I use them, they will always be with each other (they sit by each other on my desk!)owo

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