Cooki Monstress (Fan Art Portfolio) My baby Brother <3

My baby Brother <3
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I know its abd resolution but my scanners broke soooo im resolved too take pics!

I loved this challenge idea from the very beggining! I totally have the same veiws on love and I hate how such a precious feeling is being thrown around almost as much as teens cuss >..> sad. Its a rare emotion and u only ever feel it truly a few times!

For is my baby brother. I would do n.e thing for him. hes 10 years old and has the heart of a marshmellow! Im a very uptight person and i cant stand seeing him hurt. I find myself risking so much for him and yet i dont regret it ever, Like one time I got arrested for beating up one of his bullies >.> I have a temper. My moms a bit of a loon and she never took care of him like she should ehr own son so from a VERY young age I was doing everything for him I walked him too school every morning and walked him home. Just seeing his smile light up his usually somber makes my heart just start fluttering. I guess u could say that sage <baby bro> Is the only one i truly love with all my heart. :)

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Define love.
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