aragorn1014 (Fan Art Portfolio) 13 free sketches part 2

13 free sketches part 2
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High resolution for this as well, if you please!

THIS would be why I had to make a Part 2. xD

Part one of the sketches can be found here

And please check out the individuals for MUCH more detail:

And here are all 13 compiled on DA

Part 2 of my 13 free sketches with my final 3 requests from Aria Sky, 15385Bic and thelostsindar. xD

PLEASE note that just because these sketches are huge, it doesn't mean I love ANY of you any less! I just got REALLY carried away with these because these were the last 3 sketches I drew, and they were just WAYY too much fun haha. I just kept getting more and more inspired >.< So I hope none of you are offended!

From left to right:

1)For thelostsindar- Howl from Howl's Moving Castle! I LOVE Howl so I kinda got carried away with this LOL, but yeah..his jacket was SO difficult for some reason. The patterns threw me off T__T But I really like how he turned out!! One of my favorites for sure!<3 Thank you for requesting him!<3

2)For Aria Sky- probably my absolute favorite of the bunch. I spent about 6 hours today doing this one LOL because I was just having so much fun inventing the outfit and doing the details. She asked for an OC of mine in Akagami no Shirayukihime-styled clothing. Oh, and everything, even the staff, was 100% designed by me<3 Thank you, Aria!<33

3)For 15385Bic- her Aura Beast character, Kai! I drew him because we joked that her character and mine both had similar hair xD He was originally tilted sideways on the page, but I rotated him for the sake of space lol. Hope you like him!

Thank you SO much everyone for the sketch requests!<33 I'm just SO inspired, I can't stop drawing now haha! ^^ Love you guys, and I hope you enjoy this piece!

All done in mechanical pencil!

Take care!~

Dedication: Special dedication to King-sama!! Your work and your kindness was really what inspired me to keep going with these. You inspire me with everything you post and the words you say, so please don't put yourself down, my friend! Love you very much!! *super hugs* <3

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