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Pachi the Pachirisu
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Heres my gijinka Pachi the Pachirisu!

Heres a little bio

Name: Pachi

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Type: Electric

Species: EleSquirrel pokemon

Attacks: Quick Attack (Normal, Physical), Charm (Normal, Status),Discharge (Electric, Special), Sweet Kiss (Normal, Status), Swift (Normal, Special), Thunderbolt (Electric, Special), Charge Beam (Electric, Special)

Height: 4"8

Weight: 98 pounds

Body: Small, skinny, wimply looking xD

Personality: He acts sweet but really he loves to use and munipulate people, he has a bad temper but tries to hide it (He doesn't want people to stop thinking he's the inoccent victim). He used to be sweet in and out, but events changed him and he taught himself and took from the influence of others. His attacks aren't that strong and he isn't that strong in general however he's very fast and again, good at munipulating others.

Likes: Sweet food, mostly chcoclate (His weakness really, if someone offers him chocolate they have him xD), people who he can use/muniplulate, people who are nice to him

Dislikes: Any food that isn't sweet, people who he can't use/munipulate, people who are rude to him

That's all I have for now!


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