Ryuchu (Fan Art Portfolio) Takari and Gemma FRIENDSHIP POW-WOW...Or Nap...

Takari and Gemma FRIENDSHIP POW-WOW...Or Nap...
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I take far too long for these things...

Anyways, sketch number 2!
This one is for my dear friend KeybladeMewKasa who requested a Takari and Gemma friendship pow-wow! Originally, I was going to have them playing a game of Cowboys and Indians...which I realize is politically incorrect, but when you're children, political correctness means nothing. :)

But anyways, I liked the idea of them napping after a long day playing, so I ended up going with it. ^-^

Also, just to let you guys know, I believe the rest of my sketches will be in the "all colored pencil" style since it'll be a challenge to myself since I won't be able to erase and because Sayura commented that it might be a good style to develop and I honestly agree with her. ^^This means I'll probably go back and draw Gabe in all colored pencils as well....

Plus, I just kinda like this style; I think it's kinda cute. :3

Enough of my rambling! I hope you enjoy Kasa! :D

Have a wonderful day everyone!~

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
Chibi, Gemma, KeybladeMewKasa, Sleepy, Takari
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