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WTH Random Zoids OC?
We now require registration to download high resolution fan art. Please take a few seconds to register absolutely free! Click here now. (Registering will also let you tell this artist how much you enjoy their work in the comments below.) light of my recent surge in nostalgia over the Zoids franchise and my importing and playing of the Zoids Vs. III game for gamecube, my brain popped out yet Another OC...well...I guess she's an OC, I dunno, she's not going to take part in any fanfics or RPs unless my best friend wants to "meet" her or something.
guh...I swear it's like a nervous tick, my compulsion to create OCs sometimes...and not like, OCs to pair with existing characters, just, like...random people...dunno why it happens, but I've ceased bothering to fight it as much as I used to :

anyways she has a name, "Estelle", her visual design came up before I chose a name and When I went name searching, that one stuck out, struck me as a name I've always liked, and I thought it sorta meshed with her, mainly visually.

As far as why she seems to have almost a split personality from her expressions provided here, that's because she basically grew out of the concept of something really weird I experience when playing competitive video games (like zoids). Normally I'm a somewhat quiet (unless I know you) geek often with social anxiety-like issues in public.

But get me on a fighting game or something and can very quickly become so ferociously competitive that I've had to reassure my friend that I wasn't mad at her ...just...I dunno, experiencing a surge in competitive instinct or something lol it's kind of funny, and kind of weird, and I have NO clue where it came from, maybe pent up aggression or something from being so shy for so long, idk XD

***Big Intro description time, just fyi for a crap load of text***

but yeah, while Estelle here is most definitely NOT a full on representation of me, the sort of split in her personality seen here is inspired by a feature of my own temperament. though she does not have a full on split personality, it's just a sort of "mode" she goes into, so no actual "Wild Eagle" complex, we don't totally lose "estelle".

she doesn't actually become some totally different hardcore chick, she's herself, sounds the same, still exhibits some of the same characteristics, just becomes more aggressive, etc.

she's actually more quiet and a bit more bashful than I tend to be, and is a lot more of a doormat outside the cockpit than I like to allow myself to be...which might be where her apparent pent up aggression comes from when she's in a Zoid. Basically the idea is that, more or less unconsciously, the Zoid basically becomes like a sort "armor" to her, she feels stronger and safer in a zoid, this loosens the little bindings she keeps on that part of her being and it shows itself outwardly much more easily.

So she a perfect pilot in this "mode"? she is not...she has some very good basic survival instincts, she's got good reflexes, and she's good at adapting to new situations. But those same instincts are so strong that they can take over and begin to almost solely govern her actions and reactions.

This means she does a LOT of stuff almost completely on instinctive impulse, she lacks control, and so while this can keep her from falling into the error of "overthinking" things, it can get her into a lot of trouble, and can make her a little predictable. If one observes her for long enough, a pattern may present itself in her habits and reactions, thus potentially causing her defeat.

As far as her age, she's pretty young, but she didn't come out looking her age :/ like she's supposed to be 16 at the oldest, but her legs came out too long and her face makes me think more 18 - 20-ish, another problem with me screwing up and her legs turning out that long is she's supposed to be small, like around 5'2" - 5'3"

(might be part of why she's has doormat-tendencies, she's small and comparatively weak, in her head she knows this, and she's not formally trained in self-defense, so fighting is not exactly a forefront reaction in her mind to potential conflict, to her internal logic, submission and/or just going along with things is likely the better option.)

her figure's a little mature looking, but that might be becuase she's supposed to be, well, more of a "pear shape", her hips are supposed to be a little wider and she's smaller chested, which extenuates this further. It's just how she appeared in my head, she wasn't a perfectly symmetrical hour-glass.

And I have NO clue what kind of zoid she would have as a primary, I really don't lol. I think that's something that would involve placing her in a specific series, and she doesn't really have a grounding in any specific series (though one thing's for sure, it's not chaotic century/guardian force) and I don't like the zoids too much in Genesis, and I don't think she fits there either...
I see her as a competitive pilot, not a war-fighter of any kind, so that would leave either New Century or the franchise's idiot child, Fuzors (which could have been a lot better if they had put more effort into it) and her visual style looks sort of like fuzors (must have gotten stuck in my head from my recent courtesy watch-through of that series -__-') but she has no Zi-fighter glove
...I dunno...her idea spawned from playing Zoids vs. III, so...I guess she's a Zoids vs. III OC??? :/ which would kind of almost make her from both competition-based series o___O ...I dunno, my brain hurts, she's not very developed as she's only about a two-week old yeah.

and as always, if you read all that, you are awesome, give yourself a pat on the back and a virtual cookie...or a real cookie if you have them...I lol

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