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Saeki Kojiro ~just coloring~
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Hello :D

It's been a month I haven't drawn or color anything in PC
actually I forgot how to draw and color

! I Just colored it. This sketch was a gift from my friend from DA

well.. I was practicing coloring style light color .. I used SAI and open canvas but it turned very very VERY bad .. I didn't like it so I threw it XD ( although I've spent around 4 hours on it :cries: I hate that!! )
This one was the normal version , by Photoshop ==; no more edit just normal .... yeah normal ..
I need to work hard ! ><

How is the picture turned like this ?
I don't know XD this was unexpected work from me . His eyes were purple I changed .I colored by blue for anime version and brown as same as game or Manga version . The background was yellow I woke up my sister to ask her about the color she said sleepy to choose red .. ahahaha I woke up my sister because colors XD I am so annoying , am not I ?:D . I put feather in his mouth , sorry but that is making me laugh AHAHAHA :evillaugh:
the total time .. 12 hours and 15 min

Thank you everyone I hope you like it

Colored by : ~Kauthar-Sharbini
Sketch by ~FungiiYuki

© Kojiro Saeki 佐伯虎次郎 from anime Prince of tennis belong to Konami

Prince of Tennis Fan Art
feather, Kojiro Saeki, lay, prince of tennis
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