Bluesen (Fan Art Portfolio) Salted Fish --Sticker Sheet

Salted Fish --Sticker Sheet
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I really need to get into these guys again, I really missed them and my Pallas 13 guys <3333

Top left-- Ren (short for Renaissance) (Dragon Horns), the personal body gaurd and muscle man for to the Prince. He is stoic and hardly ever shows emotion, except when people are annoying, then he can tend to blow up once in a while.

Top right-- Prince Valentine (Unicorn Horn), the Prince of the Land of Salted Fish. A little bit of a science nerd, always making new inventions for people to "test", with a bad habit of being a little but naive and on the blonde side. He can also be a bit full of himself at times.

Bottom left-- Bingo (Ram horns), the cute little "butler" to Prince Valentine, but also cleans up a bit around the palace and keeps the peace when everyone is crazy. He's a little timid, but has a good heart and is best friends with Ren.

Bottom right-- Cello (Chameleon horns) Cello is sort of a personal adviser to Prince Valentine, but often just puts him down. He is very straight foward and a lot can get on his nerves. He has great respect for Ren, often criticizes Bingo, and often back-talks Valentine, but even so he and the Prince seem to be very good friends at heart.

Well, there are my babies <3 There are more, but these guys are the four main guys.

ENJOY! Please, do not steal or use in ANY way. These characters belong to ME. Thank you.


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Bingo, Bluesen, Cello, Ren, Renaissance, Salted Fish, Valentine
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