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Hero group 1
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I drew this a while ago, one of the first hero groups I've ever made.
and Bad Salem for got the names of the dwarf, the mage and the wizard....

There is of course Woodsong, The main hero. She seeks revenge for her brother who was killed by his "bestfriend". In her mission she finds that the bad guy (shen) is partly responsible for the war her people are fighting with the goblins. She also finds out that Shen is searching for a way to release the dead god.

Jayden (the guy with the sword) was sent to keep an eye on her and help her, Woodsong hates that he was sent and also Kinda dislikes him. But jayden is a loyal guy, Even though his company is unpleasent with Woodsong he sees his orders through. he is also a nice guy, Woodsong often mistakes that for him being weak.

the Dwarf (can't believe i forgot his name) was sent by his people to talk to the elves about the goblin problem. on his way he found Woodsong haveing trouble with a group of them. he rushes in to save her. Woodsong is also a bit unpleasent to the Dwarf but the Dwarf made fast friends with jayden and agreed that stopping Shen would help... well, everyone.

the Wizard (the ghost at the end) found Woodsong while he was being chased by bounty hunters. He begged her for help and Again she was unpleasent, however, she helped him get rid of the bounty hunters. he just started following the group around. He was Light hearted and helpful so Jayden and the Dwarf made fast friends with him. Woodsong would still be snippy but she felt he was a good friend.... Now, as you can tell by the pic, he dies... Killed by shen. and when he died Woodsong Lost most of her attitude, she realised she never really said anything nice to him and it broke her heart.

The Mage, the big guy. Woodsong found him following rumors of Shen. the town spoke of a dangerous guy hideing in a cave a few miles out of their town. It sounded like Shen to her so, Woodsong (haveing just lost the wizard) rushed out ready to kill him. The mage attacks from out of site but stops once he figures out Woodsong has mistaken him. Woodsong askes him to join them so he wouldn't bother the villagers anymore and they wouldn't bother him (in reality he reminded her of her resently lost friend) he agreed and set off with them.

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Carnna, group, Woodsong
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