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Hero group 2
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another group of early heros
Alexander (aka Snake) and his lil group
not as good as woodsongs group came out but oh well
I still like it

The girl with the flipped hair is Mink, the one with the short hair is Mouse.
I'm not sure if i pulled it off but the other guy is supposed to be really tall. He is supposed to tower over everyone but i had him standing back so he doesn't look as tall as i maybe wanted him to...
ANYWAY his name is Owl.

Alex came into this group by meeting those two ladies and they were, very drunk....
He helped them back to where they were staying and they insisted he stayed, haveing no where to really go he decided he would stick around for a bit, and soon he found him self with them all the time (they also gave him an animal nick name so he would fit in more with their group).

As the Twins see Alex as their dad, Mink and Mouse are their mothers. Mink more so for Raven and Mouse for Robin.
Mouse's nick name for Robin is "boss".

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
Alexander, Carnna, group, mink, mouse, owl, Snake
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