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Finally! After a month of working on this, I am done!!!
Its Kaji in 12 different expressions. I'm sososo proud of it^^
Please view in high-resolution!
MangaKid copyright(c)meme+Kaji

This work had 2 stages:
1. Pencil sketch the expressions (using some ref pics)
2. Digitally edit and ink them (using layers) on Sai.

Ok I have some explaining to do... First off, I didn't trace a thing except my own pencil sketches. I DID use ref pics from my favourite manga though, but that was mostly only in stage 1 so I didn't rely on another style too much. The first expression was one of the first things I ever did digitally using my tablet. So throughout the meme, my style inevitably changes a bit from that point.
Also my pencil sketch is so much messier and different from the finish work. I did lots of changing and tweaking of things in stage 2. I'm trying to get into a good mode before starting a manga^^'
I hope you like it!
Let me know your favourite expression here ^_^

Go do this meme! Link to Meme

DEDICATED TO TOYA!! I especially wanted to show her this as she started me on the idea of doing an expression meme^^ Thanks so much, Toya!!! I hope you fill out this meme sometime as well, this 12 expression meme is one of the easier ones *hugs*
Thanks for all your support guys!!

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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