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[Steel] Tag
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this girl is my newest OC. I actually made her to be a FMA oc, but she is slowly startng to grow out of FMA. hehehehe. the reason was because she has an automail left arm, and eye. don't ask me just yet how she got an auto mail eye, I'm working on that. her mechanic, red, was amazing. that's where I'll put that for now. :) yus.
about her: she is a fighter pilot and drives a P-51 and rescues people in trouble, while along the way attacking baddies.
No one knows her real name, so they all just call her by her codename: Tag
she is a very strong person physically, but she tends to break down when she remembers the fire she was in when she was little. that is how she lost her arma dn eye. the fire also resulted in scars all across the left side of her face.
poor tag! :(
ayways, i used permanent marker for this pictue. originlly it was just to figure out colors, but i liked it, so I drew her plane in the back, and her threatening message to ed. hehehehee. yup.
i did always kind of wonder if they had planes in FMA, but then i thought "screw it" and did it anyway! :)
i do like her disign, but i mign chage a few things...hrm...
any suggestions, tell me please! >3<
have a good day plese! :D
~kamichama karin s

Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Art
arm, automail, burn, codename, confused, ed, eye, fighter, fire, fly, fullmetal, fullmetal alchemist, goggles, leather, marker, OC, P-51, pilot, plane, steel tag, tag
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