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Here are my two lovelies!! My two Khajiit on Skyrim, the best game everrrrrr. Just little chibis, but I think they came out so well X3 Lemme tell you about them!! They are cousins on their mothers' side!!

The taller one, his name is Ra'jirr. I love his name so much <3
Age: 26
Race: Khajiit - looks like a snow leopard
Eyes: blue
Hair: Has dark brown hair pulled into a ponytail
Apparel: elven gilded armor, elven gauntlets, elven boots, silver and moonstone circlet (wears it like a headband with his ears tucked into it), gold necklace, gold ring (and hoops in ears and on his tail)
Political Orientation: Stormcloak
Fighting style: fire destruction mage (favorite spell: fireball)
Body Type: he's taller than average and actually a little pudgy! Since he doesn't use much energy producing magic (see below), he's become actually pretty lazy and doesn't have many muscles. His tail is long and lays on the ground.
Personality: lazy. very lazy. XD he is also very comical. He chose to join the Stormcloaks SOLELY on their outfit design. "I like blue better than red!!" he says with a laugh and a shrug when people ask him why he sided with them. In fact, he loves getting a laugh out of everything he does. He went with his troop to ambush some of the Thalmor and he found an elf with his body type and actually stole his armor and is now wearing it. He thinks it's hilarious to be fighting against the elves inside their own armor. He also is attracted to shiny things and loves wearing jewelry, like many Khajiit.
Voice: he sounds very close to Belethor's assistant or Farengar Secret-Fire.
Major skills: he is profound in Pickpocketing. Other than that he is the standard mage character. He likes to practice his Alchemy, and he has gotten very good at Enchanting as well. He actually found out he could enchant his armor to take off ALL magic cost of his spells he uses. So it doesn't tire him out to cast spells anymore. He also enchanted his circlet to let him breathe underwater, for the fun of it. He loves scaring people by coming up out of the water like a monster. XD In addition, he dabbles in jewelry smithing.
Guilds: He is a member of the Thieves' Guild, not the top member though. Because of his high Pickpocketing, he has gotten close to Tonilia by selling her hundreds of stolen things.
Follower: none. He has had Lydia, Uthgerd, Sven, and Kharjo in the past, but he always takes bad risks and gets into dangerous situations, and his followers end up dying. He has decided to just go alone for now. XD
Spouse: He became inseparable best friends with Derkeethus while rescuing him in a quest, and the two are joined at the hip. (Think of Shawn and Gus from Psych, JD and Turk from Scrubs, or any other unforgettable pair you know.) They found out that there were benefits to marrying, such as being able to hang out all the time, so they decided to get married. They are in no way gay for each other, and neither of them have homosexual tendencies at all, though they are well aware that many people believe that they are, and this is a running gag between the two. XDD
Friends: Tonilia, Farengar Secret-Fire, Wylandriah, Derkeethus, and Arcadia.

The other one, her name is Kaasha <333
Age: 25
Race: Khajiit - looks like a cheetah/serval
Eyes: they usually look dark brown but are actually 'gold' in the game
Hair: no human hair, but the top of her head is more furry than the rest of her.
Apparel: her exquisite Leather Armor, a silver necklace, a jade and emerald circlet (wears it between the ears), scaled gauntlets and scaled boots.
Political Orientation: Imperial
Fighting Style: mostly bow and arrow, some daggers. Her favorite hobby is to hunt game on the plains outside Whiterun and sell the meat and pelts to her friend Elrindir inside Whiterun.
Body type: very small, slender, short, and fast. she can move very fast and quietly, making her a good stealth character. Her tail is shorter, and she keeps it curled upwards to keep it away from the ground.
Personality: she is pretty serious. Her eyebrows are always drawn together in concentration and a slight scowl. She is smart and loves to read, she has read most every book in Skyrim and is still seeking out the more rare ones. She also did her research on the war before joining sides, and found that she agreed more with the Imperials and believes them to be the right choice. She is a loyal fighter.
Voice: she sounds like a slightly higher version of Adrianne Avenicci.
Major Skills: archery, and SNEAK. she is very stealthy and quiet. Being small-statured, she can move fast and sneak into small crevices. She loves quietly taking out the enemy just out of reach with her bow and arrows, but sometimes if she feels the need she rushes in with her twin daggers, which are just as fast as her wit. She has gotten pretty good with Smithing armor. (just armor, she doesn't smelt weapons.)
Guilds: she briefly became a member of the Dark Brotherhood, but was unpleased with how they handled things and quit.
Follower: Jenassa
Spouse: she has been courted by many of the tough men of Skyrim, especially Balimund, the blacksmith of Riften, but she keeps turning them down, saying she still hasn't found love in Skyrim...
Friends: Adrianne Avenicci, Ulfberth War-Bear, her favorite follower Jenassa, Balimund, and Anoriath and his brother Elrindir.

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