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I Won't Hear One More Word About...
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...changing, changing. Guess what? I am the same man, same man. Same that I've always been.

Apparently, I like weird long titles sometimes.

Hi there! When I saw this challenge I really wanted to enter. :D But I was having trouble deciding on a song... I listen to a lot of songs, but it's hard for me to draw something actually based on the song. xD;

The song I chose was Changing by Airborne Toxic Event, which is a song I learned about just recently. My sisters and I heard it on the radio. I'm actually not completely crazy about the song, but it's okay. I just think it's funny when he randomly says "I am a gentleman"... >u>
Anyways, the song reminded me of my character Damian, mostly just 'cause of how it sounded but also because of the words. I took the song pretty literally and drew a picture that shows how he hasn't changed since he was in school. Yeah. We've got current-time Damian walkin' down the street casually listening to music, and younger Damian in the background not paying attention in class listening to music.
The kind of carefree-indie (?) flow of the song reminded me of Damian's easygoing attitude.
Idk what else to say. :D;

BACKGROUND! I hated drawing those bricks. Dx

Okay, I have to go now and put away some laundry. Thanks for viewing! C:

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airborne toxic event, boy, challenge, changing, character, Damian, Damian Matthews, dude, guy, marker, markers, Matthews, nino umaka, oc, Original, original character, prismacolor markers
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