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New Outfit!
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Here's my design for Calix's new outfit! :D Sorry it took so long to submit ^^;;

So for the outfit...
On his left hand he has three purple rings, two on his middle finger, one on his ring finger, and a redish bracelet with a red charm

Right hand has the same ring design, but with green rings, and a gray bracelet wrapped around his wrist twice with a red charm

Three necklaces, one a green choker with a green charm, then a more loose one with a purple charm, and a third with a green charm.

A string of beads attached to the tag on the inside of his over-shirt, and wrapping around to attach to a back belt loop.

Two chains also attached to belt loops, on with two strands on it.
His pants are sort of like gray cargo pants and have green stitches and are ripped at the bottom.
Tall boots with two buckles an laces underneath.

His over-shirt is like a thin pull-over hoodie with short sleeves. Light orange, yellow hood, sleeves, and stripes that wrap all the way around.
Underneath a tight fitted dark blue long sleeve shirt.
And a belt clasped loosely over both of those.

Five clips in his hair, two red, two light blue and one purple.

And I think that's it :D Hope you like it Alphonse!
(edit: by the way, the over-shirt at the bottom is the back...just to say >.>;)

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