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"I'm so sick of being some airhead cliche who chokes down everything she's fed and takes it all with a SMILE! 'Risette?' Who the hell is she? There's no such persona in THIS world! I'm no one but myself! C'mon, look at me!"

What was that? You thought I was done fangirling over Persona 4? NOPE! Ahaha, seriously, just when I thought I was through nerding over it, I JUST CAN'T STOP. I CAN'T HELP IT, OKAY? Persona 4 is surprisingly addicting once you start playing the game/watching the anime |D
Anyway, I felt like doing some experimenting, and I ended up using Rise and Shadow Rise as my guinea pigs >XD I really felt like just slapping some colors together and see what that could do |D
UHHH, I pretty much messed up Shadow Rise's hands, unfortunately D: Ah, well :< I'm actually fairly happy with how Rise came out, though, soooo...

Ahaha, I seriously like Rise and her shadow, but honestly, I think Shadow Rise is also VERY creepy D: Seriously, I'm not sure whether she freaks me out more in the game or the anime; I mean, in the game, you have the AWKWARD STRIPPER DANCE,
and in the anime, there's all those scary clones surrounding Rise asking, "Who's the real you?" D:
I also think Shadow Naoto is creepier in the anime than in the game, but that's mostly just because of the "not-childish" voice she has in the anime(though I wouldn't know if Shadow Naoto sounded like that in the Japanese version of P4, of course |D)

Aaaaand I'm gonna get some food now, so bye! :D

Persona Fan Art
arcana, lovers, Persona 4, rise kujikawa, shadow, shin megami tensei
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