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Groupie-My Neighbor Totoro
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I saw My Neighbor Totoro!!!! I watched it on Saturday and then again yesterday. My little brother, who has been drawing lots of Totoros, loved it even more then I did! It was so much fun to watch and definitely made me laugh^^ (thanks to all you peoples who recommended me to watch this film after the Fireflies one! Good advice ;)

I really enjoyed My Neighbor Totoro^^ The animation was as awesome as all Ghibli films and the soundtrack was really nice, not to mention the story and characters were lovely! My bro is still fan-boying over it haha!

Here's the sketch I drew while watching it on Saturday! One thing I'm realizing as I draw characters while watching the movie is that I'm able to draw faster now! It took me 1hr20mins to draw Kiki in pencil, then it took me 88mins to draw the 2 characters from Grave of the Fireflies, and now I was able to draw a goupie of Mei, Satsuki, and Totoros in 86 minutes (with breaks to watch xD) *random bit of info here but its neat for me anyways*

I'm gonna have to think about which Ghibli to watch and draw from next... I've practically seen the rest of them now so they'll be re-watched xD

This is dedicated to CitrusStorm, my friend who really loves My Neighbor Totoro too! Its kinda rough being sketched in pencil, but I hope you enjoy this!!

My Neighbor Totoro Fan Art
mei, my neighbor totoro, satsuki, sisters, totoro
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