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Studio Ghibli Partay!!
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Party time at my house~ We're watching a marathon of Ghibli movies in my basement!
It would kinda be crowded though xD And my TV thats so old I have to turn it on with an allan key isn't exactly super for group entertainment but it would definitely be fun!!
Which Ghibli film would we watch first?? huh!
Oh yeah! View in high-res for best quality!

I got the idea to do this after talking about a Ghibli party on a world post and the idea of drawing people with icons for heads came from Panou's awesome artwork here!! I took a while to finish this since losing some inspiration. But thanks to Silvershriek, I was able to set this idea up^^ I used everyone who commented on my post and also a couple other people who I chatted about Ghibli with recently.
Me is super sloppy. I made the icons too small >3< This looks more like a draft... Maybe one day I'll ink+colour?
No offense intended if I drew you a certain way that makes you offended! (see wat I did there? i'm full of rhyming recently O_O)

Anyways here we have PurpleMochi, silvershriek, twilight samurai, CitrusStorm, CelestialSushi, yumei heart u, toyotami kun, Me with my drawing paper xD, LightFykki, my sis KK Slider, and my little bro who isn't on theO yet but he loves Ghibli!!
This artwork is dedicated to all you in the picture^^
Thanks for your support, my friends <3

My Neighbor Totoro Fan Art
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