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PET: Wolf boy
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Hey everyone!

I was going to just post this in my world but I thought what the heck, I should just submit it!

Anyway, I just wanted to show my current WIP and hair options of my newest member of "PET", my own Korean boy group that's based on pet animals XD *gets bricked* If you remember my cat-pop picture, that was my first member that started this whole thing haha!

This is my wolf boy that has yet to be named, he's the shy and timid one, but thinking about it I'm not sure if he'll make it to the group, since I decides on my choices of animals. But nonetheless I love him and couldn't decide a hair style so I played around with some. Of course the long style is the one I liked best. The fluffy style I wanted to try something more cute and the punk one, the original hairstyle I was going to go with, is my least favorite now. But I did enjoy making it since it took some time haha!

Anyway, which one do you like? I'm pretty set on the long style, since boys with long hair are SO damn cute (especially animal boys)! X3

Anyway enjoy!

Dedicated to Kelsey for the same reasons as before! ;D

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