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remembering the lunar alchemist
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i'm wondering, who on here remembers my oc, kayla renee (the lunar alchemist)? it's been a good 3 or so years, but i've been here with usernames such as chibiology, tiffyskellington, and chibi elric. this is just an iffy little sketch because i haven't drawn anything in the longest time, and figured why not try to draw my old fma oc? i hope you enjoy this, even if it is just a sketch. and i hope some of you remember me (or at least this character). i'm not sure if my drawing skills have gotten much better because of how long it's been, but i'm going to work on it. i definitely miss drawing and this website! let me know what you think about this though if you remember my old pieces (or you can look in my favorites, i've favorites some of my old ones) and let me know if you've think my skill or style has changed. R&C, thank you :)!
P.S. sorry for the poor quality, this is all i have for the moment until i can go out and have my scanner replaced.

Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Art
fma, kayla, lunar alchemist, oc
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