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.The Dog
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My entry to Team Plasma N's challenge "Chinese Zodiacs".

I chose the Year of the Dog because I immediately remembered which Pokemon I could use :)
I drew Houndoom because he was the first association with "Dog" for me. Funny thing, I first remembered what Hound means in German, I didn't even know it was an English word as well xD
I've always loved Houndoom, I can't really explain why. I think that their design is cool, especially the bands and the collar ^^.
Also , I find their behavior (when trained) to be very fitting for the image of "The Dog" :)
Taken from -this site -
"Houndoom are generally very protective, alert, headstrong, intelligent, and very focused. They can be overly aggressive, but only to protect themselves, their young, their territory, or their owner. However, when properly trained, they can be extremely loyal, loving, and caring Pokémon, as well as very good pets."

I drew May beside him for a few reasons ;
I like her and I don't think anyone else drew her for this challenge. I think her color scheme is similar to Houndoom a bit. And I wanted to draw a recognizable character :)

I'm glad I managed to enter this challenge , as I find it very interesting ^^.

Despite how it looks , this took long to draw xD. And I don't think it's noticeable, but I tried to add a bit of my style into the drawing .

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