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Was originally going to just have this be a scrap for my tumblr and just leave it at that, but I kind of like it, so here it is. as one can see, Esie still possesses me from time to time... *le gasp* maybe she is less "nice" than originally thought! 8| LOL

but anyway, I really didn’t need to illustrate this very vague matter I was pondering, but I just can’t resist an opportunity to take a stab at Art Deco/retro (and something about esie's angular hair fits that approach pretty well)…so was just too tempting when this image materialized in the dusty corners of my brain at 2am last night XD…yay insomnia!

What was this matter I was lazily pondering? simply that if Estelle were an actual character in the Fuzor-verse over the duration of the series…what team would she be a member of and/or affiliated with?? eventually it boiled down to the two main teams, the “naughty” side or the “nice” side. and thus this image was the rather random result. XP

*btw in case some may not be able to recall what the heck those logos are, that's Mach Storm on her left, and Savage Hammer on her right....

...random side note, but the Savage Hammer logo always reminded me of a stylized Tomahawk or something...which in the case that that was actually their intention, would be kind of cool...but my suspicion is it's just a random pointy shape the series artists thought up and decided it was a logo lol

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