HametsuKuro (Fan Art Portfolio) Art Improvement 2002-2007

Art Improvement 2002-2007
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I was rummaging through my big tub of drawings, and found so many really OLD drawings of mine. So I decided to show you guys!

2002- It's the only drawing I found that wasn't a ripoff of something else. most of my drawings at the time were fanart, and so called "original creations" that weren't original at all >.> I was 11.

2003-Either I didn't draw, or I never did date my work that year because I couldn't find anything. I was 12.

2004- Began doing my own work. My first manga, Life with Love and Magic, was created. The first picture is late 04 showing the female characters of LWLAM. the second is of a a girl in a kimono for a project, and she is from early 04. I see a big difference in the two. I was 13.

2005- I began improving greatly, paying more attention to details compared to the previous years. Tested out different styles and began improving in fanart. I was 14.

2006- I don't know what happened here. My minor work wasn't as good. I began my first high school art class this year. I couldn't scan any of the major projects because of their size. I was 15.

2007- I continued in another art class, and I focused more on major projects than small drawings. They couldn't be scanned as well, so these are the only one's I could find in my sketchbooks. I was 16.

I will continue with years 2008-2012 in another upload.

Thanks for reading and viewing. I am actually rather proud of this improvement. I will look for older major projects and possibly put them together as well.

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