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The Pilot
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I should be happier about how this turned out. but Today i am in a bad mood, so to me this still looks bad. I spent a long time on this; and I learned a lot throughout the course of this picture.

this is tag, once again! she is my newest OC, and she (was/is) a character I made for FMA. however, I don't really connect her to FMA all that much anymore. the only thing that ties her to FMA really is her auto-mail. I still like her nonetheless. I drew uploaded one other picture of her, where I explained a lot about her--tag

in making this i learned a few things- I learned about different brushes and how different effects help shape a picture. I also grew to kinda hate my digital art style. ._. meh, i don't like my coloring...
the trees...the trees....i think they killed me....
but I was very proud of myself for the explosion. it was difficult, and took me forever.*sigh* so glad that's over.

...truthfully, I am not sure why I am in such a bad mood: Nothing bad happened to me today...*thinks*
well, whatever the reason, I am sure I'll get over it!
oh yeah, I just went on a "mini vacation!"
my sister's boyfriend got some free tickets to a ferry to Mackinac Island, so them and my friend Bailey all loaded in Bryan's SUVand went to Mackinac Island! *i haven't been there since elementary school* it is really a cool place. so full of history and stories. it's right up my ally!
My favorie school subject (excluding art and chior) is History, so I really enjoy places like that. <3 there are no cars or moterizd vehicles allowed on the island, so we hiked all day! Man, I am so glad that i did--it felt amazing knowing that I did that much exersize! :D
it's also kind of weird to think that people from all over the world visit Mackinac island (oh by the way "mackinac" is the indeian word for "turtle")..I just kind of take it for granted that the island is a stone's throw away from my town.
oh, here's a picture of part of mackinac island. it's so pretty! ^-^
hopefuly, everyone will someday get to experiance the island. it's worth traveling to!

Island image

Mackiac wikki

alright, now I am in a better mood after all this talk about the amazing trip I jsut took. and I am listening to "danceband on the Titanic" ...if you dont' know that song, you should go listen to it. I love harry chapin.
<3 alrighty then!
have a great day. and remember to smile!

IN PNG BECAUSE I CAN... :) yay...

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color, crash, effects, exploson, fighter, FMA, fullmetal, goggles, oc, photoshop, pilot, plane, sad, sand, sun, tag, trees
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