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Danny Turnaround Sheet
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For those that are not aware, the reason why I've stopped production of REVOLVER as a graphic novel is because i've decided to take the project in a whole different direction and pitch it as an animated series. The art school that I go to provides me with the opportunity to take a course called "The Pitch" that gives students the chance to pitch their own animated series concepts to the executive director of Warner Brothers Animation. I'm hoping to pitch it next winter and if i get the greenlight i'm hoping to have the series air on Toonami :) wish me luck!

In the meantime i'm working on turnaround sheets for my main characters. Here's Danny's official sheet and a little bit about him

Name: Daniel "Danny" Morales
Age: 20
Height: 5' 10"
D.O.B: November 17th (Scorpio)
P.O.B: Miami, FL
Nationality: Puerto Rican and Irish
Classification: Cyborg (Class 3: Threat; cusp of Class 4: Dangerous)


Danny is a young cybernetic soldier who works for the American Alliance as a reconnaissance agent in the Red War against the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, he has no recollection of the past two years of his life and has been searching for answers only to find that the Alliance is deliberately hiding the truth from him. Just when he believes he has lost hope, a wayward rescue mission leads him to the meeting of a mutant girl named Jay who exposes him to the great conspiracy between the Alliance and the Soviet group known as the Regime and triggers a secret power within him that unlocks fragments of his fractured memory. With Jay as his new partner, he must battle the agents of the Regime and identify his true purpose in the Red War.


Danny is outwardly stubborn, abrasive, and guarded which causes problems for the many people he is associated with. The secretive nature of the Alliance has left him distrustful and cautious toward his peers and is the reason why he had preferred to work alone prior to rescuing Jay. For Danny, the difference between becoming a friend or foe is a matter of his own judgement towards an individual which causes him to be very wary of allying with new people. His general defensiveness makes him seem aloof but he will not turn away from those in need and will act on behalf of those who are innocent and defenseless. In actuality, he has the potential to be honest and compassionate at heart but mostly towards the people he legitimately cares about. Only to the right person , he'll reveal his vulnerable side behind the walls he puts up.

Possible Voice Actor(s): Johnny Yong Bosch (if he's not already taken D:)

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