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It's always the quiet ones...
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LOL I don't know...I just don't know 8/

yes that is my Zoids Fuzors OC, Estelle in what appears to be some episode of distraught hysteria, yes that is the (or at least the same type of) ginormous "anti-zoid" gun that Blake grabbed when he decided to go all shoot-a-b*tch in ep. 14...

how those two things ended up together, I'm not entirely sure. I looked at clips from that episode to get a look at the gun, and then...this vision happened...probably also due to the the fact that I discovered she's gone decidedly in the direction of "unassuming basket case". it' a little clearer how she could fit in with the antag. team after getting some stuff down in writing about her this weekend. lol

So this kind of thing would maybe not be an impossibility for her. Mind you it would take something major to make her "snap" like this, like seeing someone she cares for killed, etc. or at least thinking it had happened or something...but yeah...

daw...we all know she just needs a hug! XD kind of don't think anyone's stupid brave enough to try though...>.>

...and I think I just wanted to draw someone "snapping", never done that before...that's probably the other part of how this image happened.

And as always plenty of things about it suck. seriously. I've never drawn guns to how she could hold and fire the thing like that, I'm pretending that adrenaline is a valid explanation.
I have no idea what's happened to my drawing skills though in all seriousness, while doing this I literally forgot how to add shadowing and stuff like that, not that I was particularly proficient at it before, but still to totally forget isn't normal.
Then again this week hasn't been normal...I'll just have to wait and see I guess.

anyways enjoy the broken crappily drawn insanity. (FYI the outfit is a concept of what might be her clothes for when she's not piloting, something semi-high end associate-looking to wear around headquarters I guess, she's not the type to prance about in that body-hugging suit when it's not necessary for her to do so LOL)

Zoids Fan Art
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