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Pen Animals 2
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BONNIE DEAR!!!! ^___^ Hope you're really enjoying your day and this little artwork for you will brighten it even more!

EDIT: I see that people are getting mixed up as to whether the middle animal is a wolf or a bear... its supposed to be a Polar bear but I made the mistake in shaving down the muzzle till it became too thin... So I edited this and manipulated the muzzle to make it a bit wider so it looks more like a bear? xD I will specifically do a white wolf soon though xD

Here's another series of animal sketches I've done in pen^^ I specifically did the snow leopard for you, Bonnie-chan... I remember first meeting you and seeing your awesome snow leopard artwork on theO! Usually I miss Otakus' b-days as I don't know they're coming up until I get a notification thanks to hotmail, I saw your b-day was coming up so I worked on the leopard for you!
Then I ended up doing two more... I did the Polar bear yesterday, basing it off of a painting I saw while dog-sitting at someone's house. And the tiger I did today! All images are in ball-point pen and I eyeballed ref pics. Its actually rather addicting!!
View in High-res for best quality!

Once again, hope you enjoy this and enjoy your day!! I love you lots, you've been a real friend to me :D *hugs forever*

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ballpoint pen, bear, cat, ink, MangaKid, pen, polar bear, snow leopard, tiger
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