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Camp Lazlo
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For byakuyarox1's 'Anime-fied' challenge.

Instead of choosing meh fave American cartoon The Misadventures of Flapjack I chose Camp Lazlo. I also really like Camp Lazlo. I remember when it first came out and I thought it was stupid, but then I kept watching it (this is usually how it goes with new cartoons...XD).

There are lot of cartoons I like, so this was hard to decide on...but I could only think of a pic for Camp Lazlo! XD

A rather messy pic...but with a background! :D I actually like doing backgrounds. I'm terrible at them, but they make the piece feel whole...*3*

So we've got Clam eating some marshmallows, Lazlo and Raj staring at the fire (Lazlo staring a little too deeply) and Edward annoyed by their enthusiasm about something as simple as fire.

I went with a different colouring style because I was inspired by the backgrounds of Camp Lazlo, so I wanted to look more painterly like the backgrounds.


I made Clam an albino human. Well, he's an albino rhino. Plus albino characters in anime are very popular...umm...they're not technically albino, they just look albino....?

Enjoy~! ^ ^

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