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For alphonse13's ' ~*Your Inspiration*~' challenge.

I'm inspired by many characters in anime, but lately I've been inspired by Hime from Seiyuu Ka-! (probably because I'm obsessed with that manga)

Hime inspires me because she will always smile and stay positive even when hit with something depressing (like her mother ignoring her and favoring her sister). For me that's very uplifting and she always makes me happy~! ;w; As well as the other characters. She never gives up!

She inspires me to do those same things, never give up and try to stay positive~! :D

I drew the Shiro version of Hime because...well...the main aspects that inspire me are from her Shiro, hardworking seiyuu side. Hime is the same person, but Hime goes to school and doesn't do very well, though she still tries hard...I she doesn't do as great in class as she does outside of class...XD

This was originally very warm and yellow, but then I was like 'Shiro means white, so why all the yellow?' so I made it whiter...I dunno if that added or took away from anything...O.o;

I enjoyed doing the lineart on this one.

And the flowers are just different kinds of flowers that I think represent Hime.

Enjoy~! ^ ^

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