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Everything comes at a price.

Ryuuken Hayasa has both an affinity and a fear of fire—an affinity, because it is the chakra type she was born with—and a fear, because of the price she paid to gain full control of the element.

The ragged scars on her back are mostly from burns, but some are from battles or other injuries she’s sustained as a mercenary ninja. While learning to control her fire element, Hayasa chose to undergo a faster, more dangerous training method that would shorten the time needed from three years to one but could also scar her for life. What she did not realize was that the experience would scar her not only physically but mentally, leaving her with a phobia of fire and skepticism of her own abilities.

For the most part, Hayasa does not regret her choice and has since moved on from the incident. But although she deems the scars a necessary price for power, Hayasa is uncomfortable with her scarred appearance and secretly longs to regain the relationship she’s had with fire chakra—one of confidence and trust—and therefore tries to oust her pyrophobia at all costs, forcibly using the element on a daily basis.

I tried drawing flames differently this time, so they’re more…realistic than what I drew in ‘Fire’. And the scars...(shrug)well, I did my best XPPP Hope you like it! =))

Naruto Fan Art
fire, girl, Imperfections, Naruto, OC, price, scars
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