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Mew Berry Line Art
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Hey everyone!

One of the many line arts that I started and probably didn't finish. I felt like drawing while I waited for a friend to come online so I worked on this. I have to say that I really like this picture. I love mew berry despite her being a Mary sue, it's just something about her that I love. In fact, I might take a trip down memory lane and read up on TMM a la mode before bed ha ha!

With the line art, I did something a little different with the line weights. I normally outline most of the line art with the same size line weights (for the most part). And it gives the line art an "inky" style. But this time I decide to play with some of the line art, I also used a different pen speed to get the line weights a smoother look. When I saw the different line weight styles I played on both throughout the picture and I really love the result! :D

But yeah I'm getting tired so I'll end it here! Thanks for viewing and take care!

Dedicated to one of my most recent subbers, Hanako Sho, thank you a ton love!

Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Art
anime, berry, cute, kawaii, line art, manga, mew berry, mew mew power, tokyo mew mew, tokyo mew mew a la mode, yours truly
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