SG Creations (Fan Art Portfolio) Fuzors revamp: Blake

Fuzors revamp: Blake
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...and here's Blake...who was actually the first one I started drawing and was surprisingly easy...normally his general look type and the fact that he's a favorite design should have been a textbook setup for a hard drawing to get done, that's how it usually is with me. But yeah, minimum trouble...which was nice.

I could have done his usual attire (that zoid suit thing) but I like this one and it was in my head first...and it's not as hard lol

anyway, two down, two to go...I actually think Luke is going to be the most difficult...partcially because I'll be changing his outfit, not a lot, but I'm just not comfortable drawing underage boys - even cartoon ones - in shorts that...well...short. 8/ I think I'll be leaving them as shorts, but they'll be a more "appropriate" length. Burton is going to be interesting, there's a possibility as a villain that he'll be a lot of fun to mess with, and then again he could be nothing but trouble :/ ...we will see...

Zoids Fan Art
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Zuzu Uchiha
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