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SR-Previous Leaders
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Previous Leaders.

The leader one generation before this one.

characters from my RP group : http://spideroses.deviantart.com/


*the name in the brackets are real name, and the name outside was their Roses name.

* Yustinez "Serena" Blanche ( Yuez Egalite )

Emilio : The previous White Rose leader never comes to regular event of parties due to sick body. He only moves around the mansion and most of the white rose calls him Serena. Many roses misunderstood him as a her because of the nickname. ^^; I'm still confused why he was called "Serena" myself...

*Evangelique Bleu Triumphant (Angeline Williams )

Emilio : Although small in size, this Blue Rose leader was great enough to lead a whole army to vanquish the roses. She was feared by all and she was very discipline...^^;

*Anglettere Azalea Rein Miguelle ( Miguel the third )

Emilio : I heard he was from a wealthy company! //shot. This Red rose leader dedicates himself to books and research. It was said that he was great at playing the piano... but not love life :P

* Dreifluttr Ankhretianoir (Tiana )

Emilio : I have no information about this Leader. She must be sop strong to be a leader,yes? And she's a woman, she MUST be very strong...

* Kleincharme du Flatterian ( Frances Twinnings)

Emilio : He is the only known doble-rose or Twin Rose. Along with his twin brother, they're resurrected, but he was the leader.It was said there's a mystery to the twp twins, but it was kept a secret by the Yellow rose. How am I supposed to know what :? //shot


texture by ~vdore

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