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blurg~ for english, we had to create a song; and for extra credit we could perform that song+make a video. now, being in chior i wall all for performing it! XD But if I make a full video I'll be at it for hours. so I made album covor to put during the video.
for this friggin' video I
recorded myself singing my lyrics
(no bg noise)
put it in window's live movie maker (WHICH I HATE WITH A FIREY PASSION!!!! i love the old windows movie maker on the XP, so friggen LIVE drives me nuts)
put miku's singing "love is war", then layered my singing over it.
deleted her singing
added in karaeoke virsion of the song under the video of me singing.
dadasdasaa!!! i hate window's live!!! D: ahhhh.....

but now I am trying to get my video's audio into the music so I can add this picture over top of it...i can't figure it out. driving me crazy.

also, all this is just EXTRA CREDIT>..
*cries* so many issues for extra credit...why do I have to be such an over-achiever! D:

anyho~ would anyone be interested in listening to it if I put it up on youtube? :3

adskafjdfjakslfjdsklafjd(still trying to figure live out!)

have a wonderful day, and thanks to everyone who joined "pay it forward!" I have lots of plans for it still! XD

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class, english, hatsune, love is war, megaphone, miku, personal, school, sing, song., vocaloid
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