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"My name is Stefan. Thirty years old. Male. I work as a modelling agent.
My current client is called by his stage name, Tomato.
And I am falling for that damn boy."

Great handwriting, Akioh. Great handwriting.

Hey guys! Sorry for the terrible quality, but my scanner stopped working and had to use a camera! Yaaaay, not working scanner... ;u; Also sorry that it's just a sketch.

Yeah. So. Stefan soliloquy of sorts. Sometimes Stefan seems more like the main character in OFAV than Tomato... xD TOMATO DOESN'T ACTUALLY DO MUCH, DOES HE... Tomato's the main character because none of the characters would have come together without him. Stef's second in line for main character, though.
I think Stefan has a problem with insulting the people he likes. :M Haha. He insults both Tomato and Gabe a lot... well, he's just a naturally judgmental person. But I think he refers to both of them as "that da[rn] boy". xD;
Makes total sense.

Anyways, I felt like practicing semi-realism or something, so I drew Stefan. Stefan's always fun to draw. Drawing this made me thing to myself, "Hm. Stefan actually is kind of handsome." Haha. xD When I normally draw him, I tend to give him a long face and a pointy nose or something, so he tends to look kind of hawk-ish imo... xD; But that also might just be because he usually has such an unpleasant expression on.
I can only ever draw realism-looking things from the front! :I I haven't formally learned how to do realism from other angles, so it tends to just look like my normal way of drawing otherwise.
I hate drawing the 2nd eye from the front, though... ._. hence Stefan's cyclopseosity in this picture. I love making up adjectives. :M

Dedicated to Wakusei Aoshi, because she ships Tomato and Stefan. 8D;
What a weird reason for dedication. Sorry. I just wanted to dedicate to someone because I haven't done so in forever. ;u;
Also, that's probably the first time I've used the slang word "ship". Weird.

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