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Leafhowler (Fan Pokemon)
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Name: Leafhowler
Appearance: Leafhowler has dark green fur with goes up into a leaf shape on its tail. His belly fur is tan though. It's ears are rounded, too. It's nose is black. Its eyes are wolf slits and its eyes are amber. Its legs are a grey color. Male's tail is bigger than females.
Type(s): Grass
Special Abilities: Leaf guard (dream world: Infiltrator)
All naturally learned moves (not via HM or TM):
Lv. 1: Tackle, Growl, Howl
Lv. 3: Razor Leaf
Lv. 7: Bite
Lv. 13: Leech Seed
Lv. 19: Vine Whip
Lv. 25: Torment
Lv. 27: Aromatherapy
Lv. 31: Shadow Ball
Lv. 37: Faint Attack
Lv. 43: Sunny Day
Lv. 49: Leaf Storm
Prevolutions (in order): none
Evolutions (in order): -->Leafwolfer Lv. 28 ---> Leafwhipper (Grass Stone)
Pokedex entry: Leafhowler, the grass wolf Pokemon. Leafhowler lives in pack of 20 with itself and its evolved forms. It has the habit of stealing food from travelers.
Other: It has the ability to break down into the grass.

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