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We're studying The Tempest in my English class, and we've been having discussions on the character of Caliban, the main character's slave and sometimes argued to be the main character himself. We were discussing how Caliban is described in the cast list as a "salvage [savage] and deformed slave". So we had discussions on how exactly a director would make Caliban look in order to get the response he wanted from the audience. Does he create an absolute monster to scare the living daylights out of the audience members and make them ally with Prospero, the slave owner? Or does he make a more humanoid, kinder looking Caliban that would invoke sympathy from the audience?

I decided that these were really cut-and-dry responses (my English class can be very cut-and-dry and stifling sometimes) and that I disliked both of them, and I set out to create a combination of these two. I wanted Caliban to look really monstrous and deformed, just like the cast list said, but I also wanted him to look sympathetic, like someone you'd want to hug because he's so sad. This is what I came up with. Hopefully I got my message across! I based a lot on Gollem from LotR and on various creatures I've seen in Doctor Who, plus a bit of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. You know, everything.

Hope you like Caliban!! ^^

Caliban belongs to one Mr. William Shakespeare, not me.

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