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Here's my character entry for MikuXHatsune's awesome challenge "Imperfections". The idea is to create an OC that has a flaw, seeing that many OCs tend to be cliche or perfect in their body/personality/mental designs.
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This is Matsuro. He's a character I created a while ago when I thought of doing a sports manga that I haven't started creating yet xP Some of u Otakus might remember me mentioning it before, but its been so long since I worked on it! Anyway Matsuro is a boy who dreams of playing on a hockey team but is left blind in his left eye after an accident. Nevertheless, he learns to cope with it and become a great player.
The soccer series Whistle! inspired me to want to draw a sport story x)
Note: Read the manhwas 'Can't See, Can't Hear, But Love' and 'The Friendly Winter' for touching stories about flawed but sweet characters. Thanks to Toya for telling me about these series, I'm reading them now!! ^_^

I'm glad that this challenge gave me the opportunity to look up his old designs and draw him again! His old designs are pretty weird looking xD.. its been a year since I drew him last so he looks much better now! I named him Matsuro aka Matsu even tho i'm not sure thats a real name but I thought I'd stay with that name for now :P I hope he counts as an imperfect character^^'

Dedicated to the challenge creator! Thanks, this was fun!

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blind, copic markers, hockey player, imperfections, MangaKid, matsu, matsuro, traditional
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