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how the mind works
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in celebration of being promoted on the site i wanted to draw something spectacular. Then i wanted to draw a fma comic for the ongoing challenge, then I felt for making some ssbb fanart.
All of those urges turned into a merman
I don't like mermaids/men
I certainly don't like water
And about the fish in the pic it's my actual pet named mr Scalare that I'm currently in a fight with since he's likely the one to eat the smaller fish in my aquarium. So drawing him a tribute didn't seem that likely either - yet there he is. As grumpy as ever.

I also had trouble concentrating on finishing it, I have all my music on my computer, but this time I went out on youtube and listened to 'she is my sin'/ nightwish. It was an amv featuring lots of clips from final fantasyVII.
Silly me was thinking it was possible to focus, and it was to some extent -

Then the fight between Genesis, Angeal and Sephiroth on this hologram-stage-thing started and my eyes kept drifting from my poor paper to that platinum-haired monster swordsman.
does he always have his sword with him? because if he's in a real tight corridor and tries to make a turn wouldn't he get stuck between the walls?

Bickerbackering aside doesn't this merman look kind of like Xemnas in a way
Oh and all that white fabric only materialized because I didn't want to draw ten thousand scales. Clever solutions ho ho ho.

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-.-', merman?
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