Mazoku Knight (Fan Art Portfolio) Light it up! Art trade with Yoikoshin

Light it up! Art trade with Yoikoshin
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Look what I managed to pull out of my magic hat - All for you Yoikoshin!
Thank you for being my first art-trading-partner in crime. <(^w^)>

I would never have guessed that the colonel would be easier to draw than Ed - I'm amazed.
The process made me realize i'm kind of rusty with the acrylics, I'm using watercolor brushes because they are pointy but i'm beginning to question if they are really fit for acrylics, half of the time I was horrified over a scenario where my paper would melt because of all the water and heavy color layers.

This also gave me a whole lot of newfound respect and admiration for Hiromu Arakawa, SHES MY HERO FOREVER AND EVER it's like five or six different blues in that military outfit of theirs owO

hn, I turned the picture around, that's why he's posing with his left hand instead of the right. It's a pose that admits that yes, he was the one to burn that useless cupcake shop to the ground.
A closer look also tells me that the yellow in the fire is gone. It appears that my scanner prefers yellows over other tasty colors.

The way he has his coat over his shoulders reminds me of someone in Hellsing, if i wear my jackets like that i drop them. In mud.

Hope you like it Yoikoshin!

Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Art
alchemist, flame, fullmetal, Mustang, Roy
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