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Measuring up...
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LOL this little "comparison" ended up in my head after realizing some between Estelle and the previous, existing lightning saix pilots

honestly I worked on this way too long to have it come out this crappy, but oh well…it stopped being fun to work on it after a while, so for me that meant it was time to finish and move on…anyways…yeah…

basic things -

(representing the basic saix pilot type)

- Impressive stature

- Strong

- Confident

- Overall high “cool” factor

Estelle (OC Saix pilot)

- Okay, she’s short, but…

- …Well she’s…

- …um…

- …well, crap...8/

So yeah…she’s basically anything but the things that most of the previous existing lightning saix pilots are.

Though yeah, obviously she’s not completely useless, otherwise why would she be a working pilot at all, right? :/ she’s pretty damn good at piloting…or at least at piloting/working with her particular Lightning Saix. In a zoid she’s not familiar with, she’d probably be so-so, put her and Sheba together and they can pull off some crazy stuff.

anyways, in the end Irvine came out looking less like he’s looking at her specifically than he did in the final sketch, though I decided the matter of whether this is to be taken as just two images in comparison or as if the characters are actually present with eachother is up to the viewer.

He’s still looking in her direction, so he could still be sizing up this strange new saix pilot to some degree (not much sizing up to do outside a cockpit XD) or he could just be looking in that general direction, and Esie could be looking nervous and worried simply because she’s under scrutiny and aware of her apparent short-comings, or she could be like that because of those reasons and because she’s being her skittish self as she usually is around strange males in general.

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