Kaerlyn (Fan Art Portfolio) Cardinal

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For Kelsey! I decided to sit down and paint one of your birdies ^^ and I finished quicker than I expected!

I chose this one because he is A too cute for words and B a nice close up photo. Also, he was near the start of your bird photo album and my internet connection was being a pain...

I still haven't quite got the hang of painting feathers, I think the brush made it look more like hair, ahaha. Asides from that, I think I did an ok job. Just ignore the bench he is sitting on, I blurred it similar to how it was in your photo as I just couldn't get it to look neat >.> hurr.

I hope you like him! >///<

To everyone else, if you like birds and nature, then take a look at Angel Zakuro's lovely photos
--> [click]

I hope my siggy isn't too obstructive on the picture there...

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Angel Zakuro, Bird, Cardinal, cute, feathers, garden, nature, painting, red, tweet
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