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scarred ambitions
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when it comes to manga I'm not that difficult, if the art is kind of not so pretty but the story is great I can still appreciate it dearly toriko, and vice versa, if the art is amazing but the story's hollow I can still find myself glued to the stuff.

Above here is Momojuurou, waahh I have no clue what the manga was called it was a really long name, sengoku something no? My eyes kind of want to devour the art that depicts him and his current young masters stories.
I don't know if it's because the lines are different, or the anatomy, but something is it that makes this sorry jaden y absolutely flawless in my eyes.

with the art being so amazing i kind of feel mean to depict Momojuurou looking so...tired.

and a wonderful/useless fact is that I was going to throw this thing away while it was a sketch, that's why it says 'uninspired yes',
I tend to write little things on the material i throw away, in this case since i didn't know what to do with the sketch i thought it was uninspired. It was in the last minute I found my five expensive copic markers.

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