chichi6 (Fan Art Portfolio) I fell without my wings

I fell without my wings
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In this picture, the fairy as curious as she is, sneaks into a sorcerers room and starts to look around. Little does she know that the sorcerer is still home. The fairy continues to look and get into mischief such as magic potions and knocking over papers for the sorcerers research. All of a sudden the little creature is trapped beneath a glass,and knocks continuously as hard as she can on the sturdy cold container, but it's no use.
The sorcerer is angered and annoyed of the fairies existence, the wizard casts a spell on the fairy so it can never fly again thus loosing her magical abilities. While all this is happening the creature goes through a painful transformation and becomes entirely weak.
"This should teach you not to snoop around the house a great sorcerer." Mumbled the wicked man. The fairies two bottom wings falls off, and she completely falls to the ground as the man picks her body up and tosses her out the window by her remaining wings. Her timid little and fragile body fell faster and faster as the sorcerer's home was a castle on a cloud. As the wind blew past her, fire started to submerge her entire being. The only thing that could be seen if you weren't the poor thing was a tiny light falling from the blue sky.
Before she hit the ground, what remained of her wings had disintegrated and her skin was totally fried. Not a breath remained in her tiny soul thus her body was turned into ash. This is the fate of those fairies who loose there magical ability through an evil sorcerer and with no mercy.

Would you be the sorcerer or the fairy?

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