fire.freak (Fan Art Portfolio) Hello again, Princess...<3

Hello again, Princess...<3

No one (but Aki) understands my undying love for these two ;v;
Every single time I draw them, I turn into super sappy lovelove fire-chan pffft.
Well, guess what? I DON'T CARE, I LOVE THEM.

Scenario: Hiroki is about 22 here and Miyoko is about 19 (though in Akioh's fan comic, Miyoko is just a year younger than Hiro). Being the prince of his land, Hiro's getting quiet old to not have a chosen princess yet. Sooo~ mother dearest has put together a grand ball bringing together princesses and nobles alike for the young prince's choosing. Against the prince's will, of course. Little does the Queen know that Prince Hiroki has invited someone of his own. His secret childhood friend, Miyoko, disguising her as a princess. Throughout the night, Hiro has shown disinterest in all of the women that attempted to capture his attention. Until he saw who he was looking for. For the first time in anyone's eyes, Prince Hiroki kneels to the unknown princess, kissing her hand as if it were something sacred, giving her a knowing smile and greeting.

I donno why that was so long, it was supposed to be two sentences pffft. Whutever :U

And Miyo's dress bow is a little off angle, but, you know. I ain't perfect :U

Oh! And I saw this pose somewhere, so the idea of the picture is not righted to me, okay? Cool

Miyo and Hiro are happily mine ;v;

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