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My Art  2006-2012
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I joined theOtaku over six years ago! It has been my main source of motivation throughout the years and I don't know what I would've done without this website. It's interesting to see the art from June in 2006 compared to June 2012!

2006: Completely traditional art. Gigantic eyes, large heads, no joints. Nothing cropped.
2007: First attempt at digital art using MS Paint. Heads are huge but body form improves.
2008: Half of my art is digital now. Body form and coloring techniques still improving.
2009: Almost all digital and still using MS Paint. I start importing textures found online. A lot of lolita dresses.
2010: First half of my "Golden Age", my style really develops. Focuses on lolita dress designs.
2011: Second half of my "Golden Age". Artwork matures and new character concepts are drawn.
2012: My art darkens... A LOT. Chibi style anime characters almost completely disappear, more American comic book influenced. Move away from MS Paint in favor of GIMP.

I just noticed that during my six years of art there are three generations of characters and stories. 2006-2009 focuses on Tsukiko and Kenji (their names change a lot but I think these are original) from Animalic Angels/Crestfallen Era. 2009-2011 we see Natalya take the stage with her stories Duchess in Dreamland and Monarchy X Anarchy. 2011-2012 sees the emergence of Amelia and Azriel in Valle Lacrimarum.
It seems every two or three years I get bored with one story and make another. I get sad looking back at Tsukiko and Kenji to see them replaced with depressing lolitas and ghosts. I do plan to recreate CrestFallen Era and Animalic Angels into separate stories since they were both really cool. I still have the original comics I drew of Animalic Angels from 2006 so maybe I'll post them in my world when I feel like it.
If you would like to see the evolution of Natalya, you can read about it here!

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