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Ximara Character sheet
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A character sheet that I forgot to upload for here. Xímara, being one of my oldest characters, was in NEED of an update.




Race: Nobody

Height: 5’0” (152 cm)

Weight: 109 lbs. (49.4kg)

Voice: </b> Leah Clark, Saki, Eden of the East

Theme: Ola! Arrancar remix, Bleach OST

Occupation: Stealth agent

Weapon: Cane named Props

Abilities: Invisibility – can turn herself invisible for x amount of time.

Likes: Comedy, laughing, her white gloves, Spanish things, history, and being useful

Dislikes: Seriousness, sea salt ice cream, being taken advantage, fighting, and fortune tellers

Personality: Xímara is a sweet-loving girl filled with optimism. She lives life to the fullest, even pushing buttons to see the limit. Xímara is peaceful and avoids almost all forms of fighting, both physical and dramatic. She’s not a fighter and not persuasive enough to talk her way out of situations.

Ximara’s original self, Maria, came from a noble family in ancient Spain. She was the second youngest of five and was often overshadowed by her older siblings, namely her sister. The older sister was given everything Maria always wanted for herself. Naturally, the young noble woman became extremely jealously over her sister and possessive over her own objects.

One day, Maria went out to the city and ran into a fortune teller. She had never encountered a gypsy and was curious to get her fortunes read. The gypsy woman told Maria about the future, just as he was asked, but it wasn’t what the young noblewoman expected. The gypsy warned her that her heart will attract undesired attention and it was best to not whisper so loudly in the dark. Maria laughed at the gypsy and called her crazy and head back home.

Upon her arrival, Maria’s father announced to her that her marriage had been arranged to a royal in Sicily. Maria was ecstatic! This was her chance to outshine her sister, who was married to another noble in Spain. However, when Maria met the man she was to marry, she cringed. He was cocky, self-absorbed, and idiotic. Maria demanded the arrangement to be called off, but her father refused.

Outraged, Maria ran away in order to get away from her life. She was determined to do things her way and stormed out on the streets of Spain at night. After ranting and raving to herself, Maria stopped on a desolate road far away from her home. She looked at the shadows, interested in the fact that they appeared to ripple and move by themselves; but, that’s just what they did. Suddenly, a horde of Heartless attacked her, attracted by the built-up darkness that emitted from their prey. Maria tried to fight them off, but her efforts were in vain. Her screams and heart were swallowed by the darkness.

The next day, Maria woke up in the same place where she was attacked. She felt nothing. There was no envy or rage that drove the woman to run far away from home. She tried to whisper something to herself, but no sound echoed in the hazy evening. She wobbled up on her legs and looked back to the road she had previously travelled. Maria stared for a brief moment and continued onwards to the next town. There was nothing her former life could offer her.

Additional Information:
* Proof of Existence: ‘the Comical Mime’
* She’s naturally mute. She “talks” through magical subtitles
* Lesser Nobodies are the Masks
* While she’s invisible, she cannot hide her shadow or any sounds
* She LOVES her white gloves. She won’t been seen without them
* Can pick locks
* Cuts her own hair
* Can’t write in English
* Somebody: Maria Fernandez

Xímara/Maria (c) me
NeoOrganization coat design & weapon redesign (c) Isaiah Jordan on deviantart

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
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