moonlit dream (Fan Art Portfolio) 2012 Art Summary

2012 Art Summary
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IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN... To make a submission to my theO portfolio without drawing anything! 8D
...I mean, posting the year's art summary.

I drew a lot of OFAV this year, I think. .o. Not the actual comic, but the characters... xD; I should update the comic more, shouldn't I... I'll put that on my "list of things to do" thing. ;u;

It seems like I've been drawing more realism from the art summary, but that's a lie... ;u; I doodle a LOT. And my doodles look pretty much like this... yeah. Not realism at all. xD I haven't been posting my doodles in my Various Planning world because I figured they'd be really weird and boring for you guys. :M And I do a lot of OFAV comic strip planning, so I didn't want to spoil those for when they (eventually) appear.

I need to draw in colored pencils more! ;A; I haven't used my colored pencils since September for that really little Dare drawing. ;u; COLORED PENCILS, COME BOND WITH ME...
I probably need some new ones. I should've asked for some for Christmas, but no one sells the brand I like. orz Well, they'd be online I guess...

Anyways, things to improve on for next year:

  • Drawing non-humans
  • Scenery/backgrounds
  • Different angles
  • Poses

See you in 2013! ;0; I graduate this year. WEH-- I'm also eligible for Otaku Eternal in August. 8D;

I just looked through my portfolio, and discovered I never did a 2010 art summary. o___o
I also had 5 pages worth of uploads from August, 2008 to January 2009. o_____________o
(I had 2 pages worth for this year.)

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